Program of classes and workshops


The actual program of classes and workshops are offered to adult students that are already been initiated to art classes; they are at the beginning of they autonomy, intermediates, and advances students.

The weekend’s classes make easier the access to school. This is an advantage for all those who have week responsibilities, and particularly for those living away from the cities.

Today’s program contains weekends workshops from October to June, plein-air workshops from two to three times a year in the more beautiful region of Québec, “objective analysis” seminars in the Montreal and Québec museums. This makes a wide calendar of more than 40 instructional products.

These calendars from the Academy Cristobal are diffused to all students by e-mail list; Québec area and Montreal area. At least two times a year each student register receives the calendar 30 days previous the beginning of the season.



Intensive workshop: One or two days formation (6 or 12 hours), on the same weekend.

Continued workshop: Two, three or four days formation (12, 18 or 24 hours), at a frequency of one a month during the same season.

Plein-air workshop: two, three or four consecutives days (12, 18 or 24 hours), on a chosen location outdoor.

Specific Seminars: One day formation.



All classes at the Academy involve different knowledge and learning levels. While you attempt to these classes your formation goes on throw it.

Medium techniques and painting techniques: oil, pastel, watercolour, drawing, supports.

Life drawing, perspective, anatomy.
Ergonomics, set ups and lightning, photography and documentation, portfolio, marketing.

Landscapes, countryside, marinas, portraits, nudes, life scenes, cities, still lifes, flowers, etc.

Composition: structure, tonal values, color, edges, paint manipulation.

The “Objective analysis of a painting” seminars, completes the annual formations taking place at spring.

During Mai two days of visits are organised at the Musée de beaux arts de Québec and the Musée de Beaux Arts de Montréal.

The result of this impressive structure could not be possible with out the precious collaboration of renowned academician teachers Denis Jacques, Viviane Roman, Chantal Ouellette and Suzanne Godbout; colleagues and long time friends.



To obtain more information about the academy and its classes, communicate to juancristobal@sympatico.ca clearly identifying your name and a word as: register my name and e-mail address in your student listing to receive the week-ends workshops calendar for Montreal or Quebec.