Juan Cristobal painter and teacher

Conference and painting demonstration

For artist associations, artist groups, art amateurs, art events, festivals and symposiums.

Juan Cristobal, artist and teacher conducts conferences for more than ten years.

His conferences and demonstrations has take place all over Québec. He is mostly invited to art associations during specials evenings for these events.

His conferences take place in French, English or bilingual.

He has been invited to arts associations such as AARST rive sud de Montreal, Valled’art Valleyfield, Beaconsfield, St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, St-Hyacinthe, Beloeil, Ste-Foy, St-Jérôme.

He has also been invited as a speaker for the symposiums of Baiecomeau and Shawinigan.

Il a été conférencier aux symposiums de peinture de Baie-Comeau et de Shawinigan.

Through the years as a teacher at his academies in Québec and Montréal, Cristobal has designated his conference subject matter as «The strategic composition of a painting»

Here you can see a resume of his conference content:

by JUAN CRISTOBAL (copyright 2001)

— Introduction

The STRATEGIC COMPOSITION described trough five elements.

  1. STRUCTURE ELEMENTS concept and drawing Golden rule
  2. TONAL VALUES COMPONENTS Light and shadow
    2.1- Surfaces relief -Volume -Depth -Enhancing the focal point.
    STEPS with values
    2.2- COMPOSING with values.
    3.1- Colours relations.
    -Understanding : vibration, atmosphere, intensity, tons, nuances, tints.
    -Understanding : colour TEMPERATURE. Cold and warm.
    3.2- Color relativity.
    3.3- Composing color relations.
    3.4- Stablishing contrast intensities.
    3.5- Balance of colours.
  4. FOCAL POINT ELEMENTS Hard edges and soft edges
    4.1- Perceprion of the Visual Field.
    4.2- Edges Diversity.
    4.3- Perception of Edges.
    Atmospheric conditions and movement.
    4.4- Taking your own decisions.
  5. TEXTURE ELEMENTS Manipulation of paint
    5.1- Composing your textures
    5.2- Texture = Relief
    5.3- Progression; coat by coat..
    First coat : The SUPPORT
    Intermediate coat : Preparing the support
    Surface coat : Execution of the painting.


During his three hours conference, the artist executed a painting illustration visually the different concepts.

If you are interested on a conference with Juan Cristobal, please contact the artist and schedule the date with a four month delay.




To obtain more information about the academy and its classes, communicate to cristobal@derytele.com clearly identifying your name and a word as: register my name and e-mail address in your student listing to receive the week-ends workshops calendar for Montreal or Quebec.